get to know bcsc

A message from the President

Welcome to Berwick Churches Soccer Club.

As President of this amazing club, I am truly humbled and privileged to firstly be able to lead thisclub – the club that I played all my juniors with. I am beyond thankful for the wonderful committee members we have on board and all our volunteers that serve and give of their time and effort as aninvestment in the lives of all that make up the BCSC community especially in this time we arecurrently in.

The last year has been an eventful year and continues to be. We were thankful to be back on the field again after missing a year last year but sadly it was a on and off again season with it being called off again for the second year in a row. As a club we continue to support all our families and players in what a hard couple of years it has been, we have been able to stay strong and connected and are blessed to have the community that we do have.

As a Christian soccer club that seeks to honour and glorify God through the sport of soccer. We are also a community-based club that is based in the City of Casey which is a continual growing and developing community. We are a volunteer driven club that has 600 participants ranging in all our junior to senior programs.

Our Kickstart program starts at the ages from 3-6 years old for both boys and girls. The junior program goes from ages 7-18 years old.

We cater for boys and girls and men and women of all ages, who desire to play soccer. In 2021, we had 32 junior teams, and 8 senior team consisting of 2 women’s teams and 6 men’s teams, as well as a Kickstart junior development program which had over 50 kids in it.

We have also seen the inclusion of our Berwick Academy which sees up to 30-40 kids learning and improving on their skills base on a weekly basis.

This coupled with our support and integration of HASA in the Berwick community continues to build upon the foundations that were first created back in 1970.

At Berwick Churches Soccer Club, our vision and goal is to develop everyone to have good character, good sportsmanship, and to be great soccer players. We are part of the Victorian Churches Football Association (VCFA), which means games are played on Saturdays and occasionally on Friday nights. Training runs during the week usually from Monday - Thursday.

So whether you are already a member or you are considering becoming a member, I would like you to welcome you and if I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime by email, phone, or text. 


Mission Statement

...to develop, maintain and promote the Association for players and supporters of all its teams within the community of Casey and its environs -with the express purpose of achieving the highest standards as a Christian based soccer association.

...to encourage and promote Christian values andethics within the Association, with other participating (opposition) teams andtowards the broader community

...to achieve an environment for personaldevelopment of members socially and in terms of playing team sports skilfullyand at their best.

Club History

est. 1970

Berwick Churches Soccer Club has a long and proud history within our community and Association. Our roots go back to when the idea of a soccer club was raised at the AGM of Doveton Reformed Church in 1969. The following year, in 1970 'Doveton Reformed Church Soccer Club' was born, fielding one senior team.

It wasn't until 1991 that we had our own junior teams, which were inherited from the 'Doveton Baptist Soccer Club', a club which had folded the year before. Our home ground was initially based out of Power Reserve until we moved to Chalcot Lodge Reserve, then onto Sweeney Reserve in 2009 and now establishing ourselves at Grices Road Recreational Reserve from 2012.

Throughout this period, we have seen steady and sometimes booming growth, which has lead the club to have a thriving KickStart program for our youngest participants, 32 Junior teams across all age groups, 6 Senior Men’s teams and 2 Senior Women’s teams.

Club Song

Hearts to hearts and hands to hands,
Beneath the blue, red and white we stand,
We shout, God bless our native land!

Berwick, Berwick!
Out we come, out we come, out we come to play,
Just for recreations sake, to pass the time away,
Lots of fun, heaps of fun, enjoy yourselves today,
Berwick boys/girls (whatever appropriate) are hard to beat when they come out to play

So join in the chorus and sing it one and all,
Join in the chorus, Berwick’s on the ball,
Good old Berwick, we’re champions you’ll agree,
Berwick will be premiers, just you wait and see!